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According to its developers, Max PC Tuner can optimize your system. It comprises a set of utilities intended to fix various problems on the Registry, hard disks and Internet settings. The application has a nice and intuitive interface that provides lots of visual clues as to the status of the scanned areas.

Registry optimization by deleting defective keys as well as fixing fragmentation issues is generally the single change with the greatest impact on computer speed and stability. In this regard, the program lets you choose what type of issue to look for and what to do after they are found. Besides, you can create a list of exceptions to include all those registry entries you do not want the application to mess with. Luckily, it is also possible to create backups before making any changes.

As to privacy, the tool can be customized to erase swap and temp files. Likewise, it can delete browsing history with support of Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Chrome and Firefox. In addition, the application can wipe the activity logs of commonly used instant messengers. Not only that, it can also clean free space to reduce the possibilities of unauthorized people retrieving deleted data.

Fortunately, there is a way to perform general scans instead of running each test individually. Besides, you can configure exactly what this overall scan should do, which includes selecting the areas to examine and creating restore points. Moreover, it supports scheduling scans to run at regular intervals. Finally, this set of utilities can also optimize Internet settings and RAM usage as well as find duplicate files on your disks.

When I tested Max PC Tuner, it was able to find several problems on my system, even when I regularly use another system optimizer. However, its trial version did not let me fix a single one of them. After all, what is the point in having a trial version that cannot prove its effectiveness? That is probably why there are so many Internet reports of this program being a scam.

Pedro Castro
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  • Finds many types of registry problems
  • Optimizes Internet settings
  • Wipes free space on your disks
  • Deletes instant messaging logs
  • Finds duplicate files
  • Defragments the registry
  • It can make backup copies before making any changes


  • Trial version does not allow testing its effect on performance
  • Many reports of this program being a scam
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